Ficus | Elastica Burgundy



Light; bright, filtered light but not direct sunlight

Water; keep soil moist at all times but do not overwater or leave in standing water.

Humidity; mist around the plant, not directly onto the leaves. This will cause a browning on the leaves.

Repotting; the first question we hear is “what size of pot should I use?” Think of it this way; it’s just like buying a new pair of shoes for a child – you wouldn’t go from a size 2 to a 7, you would buy ones that are just slightly bigger than what they need and let them grow into them. Houseplants are the same way. They want to feel ‘root bound’. Some houseplants grow quicker than others and will need a bigger pot sooner than others. If in doubt, ask us!

Fertilizing; feed every 2 weeks with 1/2 strength fertilizer. Use what we use – water soluble fertilizer that can be mixed directly in your watering can. If you’re afraid you might forget to fertilize, the slow release fertilizer may be the right thing for you!

Pot size; 5″

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